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World Health Day 2014

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Featured |

Annemarie Voorsluys, student International Change and Project Management, specialization Public Health Currently, my brother and me are staying in Sabinopolis, Brazil, and I am giving health classes about sexual health, and when possible about nutrition and hygiene. The World Health Day has been a concern for me, since it is a day to highlight a public health topic. This year the focus of the World Health Day is on vector-borne diseases: a small bite can be a bit threat. You could think of Malaria. Unfortunately, I can’t relate very much to this topic during my weeks in Sabinopolis, since I’m keeping myself busy with sexual health and lifestyle related...

Three Pitiful reasons at the International Women’s Day

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Featured |

I’ll argue here that we don’t have much to celebrate the International Women’s Day in 2014. Celebrating this day means to celebrate the equality of gender and we haven’t had significant advances nationwide on this matter. Let’s see: Maria da Penha’s Law hasn’t been working very well or have allowed that the unacceptable should be thrown on the fan? Last year, a frightening statistic revealed that Brazil occupies the 7th position among the countries with the highest number of female homicides. In relation to labor market, women still earn less than men, even when performing the same activities. The women are still used as a cheap labor and are...

Take part in the Day Care Center is really good!

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in News |

The weekly routine of the nursery is always filled with nice things. Fun and joy abound us daily. We understand that playing, our children are strengthened to face hard situations. So, how about a soccer game with colored balls or who knows how interesting it could be to build our own play dough? The kids from the Day Care Center dive into colored little balls and go for a ride in their cycle. To build our toy and pay our lawn, children won’t miss inspiration. Check it out! That’s the BEM Day Care Center in Rio...

International Mother Language Day

Posted by on Feb 27, 2014 in Featured |

Although the official language of Brazil is portuguese, there are about 274 native languages spoken here. It is estimated that during the discovery of brazilian lands, the number of languages spoken were around 1300.  The communication through a language, is the most basic way of organization of the experience and the human knowledge, besides being an important factor for culture and history of a people. The mother language is the basis for self expression and its good use also works for learning other languages. It even reflects, in a singular way, the worldview of the people that speak it. The native language is a culture vehicle of the system...

Strengthen to Make Things Differently

Posted by on Feb 21, 2014 in Featured |

I feel joy in the Thursday afternoons when I meet with the teenagers group here at Chapadinha. It’s a new group from a new church: IEMP – Chapadinha. There’s no greater joy than to know that, somehow, we can contribute for the expansion of the Kingdom and also for the quality of  teens. In this group we have 9-14 years old children and teenagers who are in a phase of discovery, and are searching for the values that will guide them in life. The big challenge for the team is to create a christian identity in these young people. There’s too much demand in the emotional area. Many of those...

Dalíria thanks and we return the affection

Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Featured |

Sometimes we lose a lot of opportunities. I didn’t want to miss a opportunity to thank. Thank BEM for almost 5 years of learning. Thank everyone who helped me in my journey. It’s good to know that more than a work, we got a team, a second family; that smile with us in the happy moments and helps us in the harsh ones, when we consider giving up. Thank the ones that made BEM’s work possible. I’m sure that BEM changes, not only the children’s and served families’ lifes, but also the lifes of everyone involved. Thanks for everything. Brings me great joy to know that a was and...