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Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Featured |

The touching meeting of Lithuania and Jeice

The touching meeting of Lithuania and Jeice

foto (4)Lithuania’s stay in Sabinopolis made it possible for the nursery’s volunteer to meet personally Jeice’s family, her sponsorkid from Paulistas’ BEM’s Child Care Center. Days before the meeting, we’ve gotten the news that Jeice was anxious to finally meet her sponsor from so far away in Holand, who for the first time came to Brazil for working as a volunteer in a project that she had sponsored previously.

For years, sponsors used to send letters, gifts and other things to show the special feeling between the child and the donor. A personal meeting, in most cases, never happen.  Very few donors have the chance of meeting the child and his or her family who have being blessed from far. Yet, it was different with Jeice. Lithuania came to Brazil and we scheduled as fast as we could her meeting Jeice, who is no longer participating in the Child Care Centre’s due her age, but still remembers with affection all the gifts, letters and love demonstrations. The meeting was moving! After a brief conversation next to the wood-burning-stove, Jeice invited BEM team to see her house and specially her bedroom. The house was lovely! Everything was clean and filled with a delicious food smell…It was almost time to take Jeice and her brothers and sisters to school. So, we had some coffee with cookies and Lithuania prayed for the whole family gathered. Pictures from this remarkable moment you can see below.”

foto (1)