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Ana Maria and Sebastião, an example of family economy

Posted by on May 19, 2015 in Featured |

 The project Family Farming in Sabinópolis attends to 122 families that plant in farms and gardens. Through food production for the subsistence of the farming families, along with the sale of organic food in the local market, the project is an important tool for the good quality of food generation and increase of family income. In a moment when Brazil approves a law that allows the no identification of transgenic food in labels and packaging, the whole organic production of food values the project and raises the self-esteem of the small farmers. In addition, the project has provided a significant improvement in the per capita income of the families...

Nova Pousada Community Center Ingauration in Sabinopolis

Posted by on Sep 5, 2014 in Featured, News |

Last Sunday, August 31th, Nova Pousada Community Center was inaugurated in Sabinopolis. Located in one of the highest part of this small village, on the Alenir de Pinho district, known as Nova Pousada, a lot of people got together to celebrate the opening of the building. In this occasion, some local authorities representatives, Community Center team, BEM representatives and residents of the neighborhood were together to share this moment of accomplishment in favor of the social and economic development of the region. The community Center, only center which attend the residents on their own neighborhood, was created from the initiative of BEM and the partnership with the municipality and two...

Activities with the Mothers’ Group Returns with Full Power in Rio Vermelho

Posted by on May 26, 2014 in News |

Last Thursday, after a long vacation, Mothers’ group in Rio Vermelho finally got back at the schedule. According to one of the mothers: “It was a great to get back with the group, I was already missing the meetings. Here we can talk and forget a bit the daily problems”. In addition to learning new things, the mothers make new friends. This year, the group will have over 15 moms weekly, all residents from Chapadinha neighborhood in Rio Vermelho. In this first meeting, all the participants could meditate about how important it is to dream and believe that we are capable of overcoming and conquering lots of things. After an entertaining raffle...

The touching meeting of Lithuania and Jeice

Posted by on May 15, 2014 in Featured |

Lithuania’s stay in Sabinopolis made it possible for the nursery’s volunteer to meet personally Jeice’s family, her sponsorkid from Paulistas’ BEM’s Child Care Center. Days before the meeting, we’ve gotten the news that Jeice was anxious to finally meet her sponsor from so far away in Holand, who for the first time came to Brazil for working as a volunteer in a project that she had sponsored previously. For years, sponsors used to send letters, gifts and other things to show the special feeling between the child and the donor. A personal meeting, in most cases, never happen.  Very few donors have the chance of meeting the child and...

Language Master & BEM: a successful partnership

Posted by on May 9, 2014 in Featured, News |

                          There a lot of advantages of learning how to communicate in english. There is no discussion about the fact that english, for being one of the main languages in the global comunication opens the doors to contact with other cultures and because of that there is a lot of interest in companies and philantropic organizations for transcultural and international partnership. English is also an useful tool for the people that like to travel and meet other cultures. Through english communication, accessing other communities’ habits becomes possible. Not even forgetting the access to information that is only...

Lithuania: a Special Visitor Among Us!

Posted by on May 7, 2014 in Featured |

             Lithuania Brown, native of Curação on the Caribbean Islands lives in Holand for 26 years and had came to Brazil, specifically to Sabinopolis for two weeks. While she was in Brazil, Lithuania worked as a volunteer in Sabinopolis BEM’s Child Care Center’s nursery. The sweet lady helped a lot all the nursery’s team. Fed the children, changed diapers, took care of the crying children and also left everyone on the team missing her so much. Everyone repeated thousand times how thankful they were for her great help.             Lithuania also visited the Pataxó’s native indians tribe in Carmésia,...